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SSC – 2022

Due to the Corona situation, the school has been disrupted. Recently, the government has reopened the school and started regular teaching. The education minister has also announced to take SSC and HSC examinations. Therefore, if the test, you have to prepare for the test. So a plan has been taken to give regular suggestions considering the preparation of SSC and HSC candidates. We know that only optional subjects will be tested this year. No required subjects will be tested. Stay connected with us and we will upload suggestions regularly.

ফিন্যান্স :- সংক্ষিপ্ত সিলেবাস

১ম অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ১.১ – ১.৬

৩য় অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ৩.১ – ৩.৪

৪থ অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ৪.১ – ৪.৬

৫ম অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ৫.১ – ৫.৫

৯ম অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ৯ – ৯.৪

১০ম অধ্যায়:- পাঠ ১০ – ১০.৫